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Rags to Riches, Commodore 64 (1986) [Play link soon here]
The orginal game
In Rags to Riches you're an homeless bum, first goal is to collect bottles and money to survive and upgrade your life and you can also invest money in the bank, like in real-life all people can be homeless without any job and this is harder experience than this game.

Our business model
a Gaming and Advertise platform, we reward active users % from revenues 100% sustainable as we first invest money and only add money to RevPool when we get interest from our Portfolio, for free users we have an challenge account level we base on Rags to Riches.

Our Advertising Options
With our Ad solutions you have more options, you can advertise almost everything at facebook, google, twitter, youtube or are you an artist on Spotify or other podcast site you can both advertise and earn from your visits as all framebreaker sites are supported now as all ads are viewed in fullpage.

RTR Challenge
To create a free advertising and earning model we use the RTR Challenge, like in the real game you collect bottles and money every day but here you watch other users websites that they advertise and you get rewarded, you need to login every day and view websites or you will be "robbed" like in the real game, but we do not take all money only $1 per day as inactivity fee, if you need paus you can at anytime buy vacation for only $0.01 per day.

We also have Achievements and Ranks that give users extra rewards, Bottles have fluctuating price based on total site activity and you can exchange=recycle whenever you want, if you save Bottles total value may be higher than if you recycle directly, money is placed in purchase balance and can be used to purchase upgrades or advertisement, you will need to reach higher level for real money as we can't print money and you must also comply with our Terms of Service.

Bottle price is calculated automatically and updated every week based on:
- number of game plays per day - requries high amount ad impressions.
- all purchases from ads and products from shop.
- external revenues from paid links and portfolio.

More activity higher Bottle price, lowest price is 0.00000001 at zero activity and will fluctuating every week based on total site activity.

Level 0: every website view you get 1 bottle you also get extra bottles for achievements and ranks, we will add a AdBlocker check later but as of now if you have AdBlocker you will only harm yourself because this site is based on your activity level, more active you are higher rewards you get.

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